Hey! Zio Adams here! I'm 28 and I'm a freelance graphic designer from Italy. About that, just to be clear and make first thing first, I'm not always speaking in english here, so don't freak out if you see a lot of stuff in a language that you can't understand at all, if you are interested remember that google translate is your friend. Now, if you wanna know something about me... I'm just a regular guy, messed up and full of shit like everyone else, but unlike them I don't pretend to be awesome...
I AM AWESOME :D LOL! I'm a sociable and kind person but not a stupid, so don't try me, I'm also the biggest son of a bitch in this planet if I have to and I HATE smartass people, if you act like this with me, I'll fucking eat your face off.
I like a lot of music, A LOT! metal, hardcore, deathcore, electronic, drum&bass, dubstep, hip hop, alternative and blablabla. That's what I mean with "a lot". I LOVE comic books and manga, they are my biggest passion since I was a kid and I like to collect action figures, posters and every type of gadgets about these worlds. If I have to pick one title for comics and one for manga I can say X-Men and Dragon Ball. I watch a lot of movies and tv shows (they are like a drug for me) and I go to the cinema whenever I can. I like tattoos and piercings, and mostly, girls with both!! Oh, not to be "rude", but I love BOOBS and WIDE HIPS!! I just love curves!! (and I love tumblr for letting us publish pics about it without trouble and bullshits) so there will be a lot of NSFW stuff here, watch out!. I like so much Wrestling (wwe), graffiti, skateboard, photography and graphic design (of course). Maybe.. uhm... no, wait... I AM a nerd, but I'm proud of it. And.. I think it's everything for now :) enjoy my space!


My web site

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